To help you in the process we've created some sample guides, I will add to them as needed.  

I asked for a proof why did I suddenly receive my jacket without seeing a proof?
  • If we have provided you with a proof and have emailed you and texted you and we do not hear back from you after 72 hours we will proceed with the order unless it's something that we don't feel comfortable with, for example is you chose black lettering on a black jacket we will not proceed with the order.  
  •  During this holiday rush in order to fulfill everyone's order  I have made the decision to fulfill orders which I feel are standard colors with standard layouts that are already shown on the product page.  For example, if you choose a black garment with Azalea pink lettering and turquoise caduceus with RN on either side of the caduceus this is standard design and it will be fulfilled.  Again we will be using our judgement and if there are any questions then a proof will be sent.

Why are you changing your option for proofs?

Ok, truth be told what started off as I thought a great idea to provide proofs has turned into a nightmare!   Please trust us, we've been doing this for over 15 years and we are NOT going to sew something that is hideous, or even questionable.  Our goal is that you love your item and that you come back and tell your friends!  The problem is that proofs take a great deal of time to create, about 15 minutes per proof, and out of the 1000 we have done, maybe 10 have had to have changes made and all of these were ones where I would have insisted upon a proof regardless.  There is nothing more frustrating than spending the time creating a proof, sending, texting to only hear crickets for days, which then makes me have to re-email, re-text and more time wasted only to finally get a response that it's "perfect"(which we knew it was prior to sending).   It has simply slowed down our entire process and we really want to get you your items!

If there is anything crazy, such as colors, or different certifications that you simply can't visualize then we will gladly provide a proof, but PLEASE give us an email that you check daily.    We will also notify you with any questions, believe it or not people like to ask for black text on a charcoal garment and we won't do it, and will contact you!