Product Measurements

The following is a list of links that will take you to the product's actual measurements.   This is the safest way to choose a size with minimal guessing.

Start with your own jacket that you like the fit of:

  • Lay it on a hard flat surface and measure across the chest 1" below the armpit.
  • Take that measurement and compare it to the Product Measurement chart for the product.
  • If your number falls between two sizes you need to determine if you want to go up or down a size. 

The North Face

Ladies Mountain Peaks  NF0A47FE

Mens Mountain Peaks

Ladies Skyline NF0A47F6

men's Skyline NF0A47F5  

Ladies Sweater Fleece Jacket  NF0A3LH8

Men's Sweater Fleece Jacket NF0A3LH7

Ladies Thermoball Trekker vest 

Ladies Ridgewall Jacket

Ladies Tech Jacket NF0a3SEV

Eddie Bauer 

Ladies EB225    Mens EB224


Port Authority

Ladies L223 & L235 & L226 (same chart)

Mens F223 & F235 (same chart)


Ladies L231  Men's F231




Ladies LST241    Men's ST241

Ladies LST860    Men's ST860

Charles River

2330 Women's Long Sleeve

Women's 5189  Men's 9189

Women's 5998  Men's 9910

Women's 5603  Men's 9503

Women's 5493  Men's 9493

Women's 5932  Men's 9312

Women's 5144