I've changed my mind about my size and colors, what do I do?  Not a problem, just email us asap at and let us know.  After 48 hours I can't guarantee that we will be able to change it.

    What is your return policy?    There are no returns or refunds on items that have been personalized.  Refunds for other non-personalized items is 30 days. To view our policy please view this link:      refund/return policy

    I received my item and it is damaged, now what?   We will gladly replace your item with the exact same size and color, no exceptions.

    I received my item and my name/certification is spelled wrong.   If we spelled it wrong then we will gladly replace it.  If it is wrong on your order-form/receipt then unfortunately there is nothing that we can do about it.   Always double check your receipt, it has all of the customization details of your order.

    I have a group that wants to place an order do you have discounts?  Absolutely!  We love group orders and it's the easiest way to earn a FREE jacket!     Email me at and we'll provide you will all of the details!

    Will I get my order before Xmas?   YES, so long as you placed your order on or before the holiday cutoff of December 4th.  Our last day to ship will be December 18th!   

    I've placed my order after the cutoff of the Dec. 4th, when will it ship?  We take off several days at Xmas to revive the elves!  We will resume normal shipping at a comfortable pace after the holiday, and get your order out to you as soon as possible! 

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