Show Some Love with These Thoughtful Nurse Graduation Gifts

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Show Some Love with These Thoughtful Nurse Graduation Gifts

Show Some Love with These Thoughtful Nurse Graduation Gifts 

America needs nurses. As the nationwide nursing shortage continues, it's becoming apparent just how essential our hardworking, compassionate healthcare workers genuinely are. With that said, every nursing school graduation is something to celebrate—not only for the graduate but for the world. 

Our future hospital heroes deserve recognition. Have you begun shopping for nurse graduation gifts for the new professional in your life?

Most nursing school graduations take place in late spring, giving you plenty of time to go out of your way to shower your new nurse with a present she'll love. The best gifts are those that nurses can wear and use as part of their daily practice. 

We've created this guide to help friends and family who work in other fields understand what graduating nurses really want and need as they begin their challenging, altruistic medical careers. Read on to discover a few of the best graduation gifts for nurses. 

Warm Gear For Chilly Hospitals

If you've noticed hospitals are always cold, you've picked up on one of the most common strategies for eliminating bacteria in medical settings. While patients get tucked into bed with as many blankets as they like, nurses hustle in that chilly air all day long. Practical, warm outer layers always come in handy on cold hospital floors. 

Personalized Ladies Jackets

High-quality fleece outerwear can help any busy nurse get through their day without gathering goosebumps. A brand-new RN will love showing off their hard work with a jacket that displays their title for all to see. MacAttack Gear offers personalized embroidered jackets featuring names, titles, and insignia that the new nurse in your life will be proud to wear on the job or on the street. 

You'll find the following high-quality brands in our online store:

  • Eddie Bauer
  • Port Authority
  • The North Face®
  • Charles River
  • Columbia Sportswear

These are brands that nurses already own and trust, making them perfect additions to their growing professional wardrobes. Fleece jackets and pullovers are consistently our most popular gifts for graduating nurses. 

Stylish Personalized Vests

Nursing can be a surprisingly physical job, and not every professional will need a jacket to work up a sweat! Instead, offer your new nurse a fleece, quilted, or thermal vest to keep their core warm as they flit from bed to bed throughout the day. These versatile layers are perfect for popping on and off during the course of a long shift.

Like our jackets, all our vests are fully customizable with your choice of text, titles, and designs. Plus, many of them have pockets, which may elicit an excited squeal from your nurse-to-be! The practicality of this lovely layer makes it the perfect gift for a nurse graduate. 

Gifts to Enjoy While Off the Job

New nurses tend to be proud of what they do—and they should be! While a purely practical present will always come in handy, showing off a new title and professional role for the world can be fun. Consider a gift for a graduate nurse that they can enjoy while lounging at home in between shifts.

T-Shirts With Personality

There's nothing like coming off a long shift, jumping in the shower, and changing into your most comfortable t-shirt. The only thing that makes that cozy routine more fun is when you have a t-shirt handy that you genuinely love.

Gift your new nurse a shirt (or a few!) that declares her new professional title. If she's lucky enough to have a new job lined up before graduation, you can even celebrate with a t-shirt declaring her new role and department. All the shirts from MacAttack Gear are soft, high-quality, and easy to tie, tuck, and style.

The Cutest Coffee Cups

You need a lot of energy to get through your average nursing shift, and if you can't make your own, store-bought is fine! Nearly every nurse relies on coffee or tea to help get through the day. When you gift an adorable customized coffee mug or tumbler, you're almost certainly giving them something they'll use daily. 

At MacAttack, we offer drinkware in three styles: skinny tumblers, laser-engraved tumblers, and classic mugs. They each come in cute designs as unique as the nurse who will be receiving them. Many of them allow for customization, so nobody will ever steal a sip!

The Perfect Personalized Tote Bag

A great tote bag is a gift nearly any professional can appreciate, and a nursing school graduate is no exception! Not only can these quality totes hold everything a nurse needs for her shift, but you can also personalize them. At MakAttack, we offer our totes as part of Combo Paks that match our most popular jackets and sweatshirts. 

A personalized tote also makes the perfect gift bag. Instead of wrapping paper, fill a custom tote with lots of nursing-themed gifts your graduate will love. One of our roomy totes can easily fit all the gifts outlined above and then some! You might even have room left over to add a personalized sherpa-lined blanket

Graduates Love These Nurse Graduation Gifts

Nursing is backbreaking, emotionally taxing work that requires knowledge, compassion, and constant second-by-second decision-making. Choosing this career is a sign of a genuinely caring individual. You can show a new nurse you appreciate their dedication with any of the nurse graduation gifts above.

If you didn't see something you love, there's plenty more where that came from the MacAttack Gear online store. Our collection of customizable apparel means the sky's the limit when it comes to personalizing your unique nursing graduation gifts. Browse all our personalized gear to discover the gift your new nurse will love unwrapping on graduation day.