7 Nursing Graduation Gifts New Nurses Will Love

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7 Nursing Graduation Gifts New Nurses Will Love

7 Nursing Graduation Gifts New Nurses Will Love

Every year an average of 155,000 nurses graduate and become part of the healthcare workforce. But, no matter how many people are in the graduating class, each nurse deserves to celebrate their special occasion. 

If you have a loved one walking the stage then show them how proud you are of them by finding the perfect present. 

Review this list of nursing graduation gifts to find one that fits their style and profession.

 1. Custom Nursing Scrubs

Nurses are known to have odd working hours while on the clock for up to 12-hour shifts, so why not make their job a little more comfortable and fashionable? 

One of the best graduation gifts for nurses is custom nurse scrubs. Complimentary scrubs are thin and often uncomfortable. With optional sizes and colors, custom scrubs make a major impact on how a nurse feels while at work. 

Choose your loved one's favorite color including ceil blue, navy, pewter, royal, teal blue, white, wine, and black. V-neck shirts and drawstring pants are sold separately so you can mix and match colors.

Nursing scrubs also come in a variety of sizes to fit anyone. Choose from XS to 4XL in men's shirts and up to 5XL in women's shirts, and men's and women's pants. 

These scrubs accommodate the busy life of a nurse by providing three large pockets, an inner pocket, and a pen-size pocket. They also have an ID tag loop to keep their badge and keys secure and out of the way. Pants also include two front, two back, and one side cargo pocket to store phones, keys, and personal items throughout the day. 

Both pieces are made from a soft polyester/cotton blend that is stretchy yet light. Your family member or friend will be grateful that you thought of their comfort without sacrificing style while at their job. 

2. Cozy Vests

Even though nurses work inside, it can get quite cold in hospitals and doctor's offices, especially in the winter. A versatile and useful gift for a nurse graduate is a vest that can be worn over their scrubs to keep their body's core warm. 

Vests are also great for after work or to put on during their lunch break. The best part about a vest for nurses is that they don't cover the arms. This will make sure that vests stay clean even when performing a messy task. 

Choose from quilted cotton, knitted polyester, or fleece for the fall. Or pick a Thermoball vest for wintertime to stay warm while looking great.

All vests come with zipper pockets and an optional personalized RN logo from seven different templated designs. 

3. Embroidered Blankets

Not all nurse graduation gifts need to be worn. They can also serve another purpose: rest. An embroidered blanket is the perfect way to remind the nurse in your life that they deserve to relax on their day off. 

First, pick from three blanket colors: fireside brown, earth grey, and navy eclipse. Then choose a design for the embroidery and decide on the text. Include their name, title, and hospital to showcase their accomplishments. 

There are also three types of blanket styles: sherpa lined with embroidery on the blanket, sherpa lined with embroidery on a leatherette patch, and plaid sherpa lined with embroidery on a leatherette patch. The plaid comes in buffalo plaid, blackwatch, windowpane, and black plaid. 

4. Personalized Tumblers and Mugs

Gifts for nursing graduates can also take their health into consideration by making sure they are hydrated. With a personalized tumbler, your loved one will be sure never to forget to drink water or their favorite beverage. 

Skinny tumblers come with a convenient straw inside a stainless steel container and then sealed with a vacuum lid. They display motivating messages to increase the nurse's morale.

A large 30-ounce tumbler allows for on-the-go beverages. It keeps cold drinks cold for 24 hours and coffee or tea hot for nine hours, making it easy to bring drinks from home. 

Choose from 11 large tumbler colors and add a personal engraved message onto the cup for extra encouragement. 

Custom mugs work great in the breakroom for a warm pick-me-up. Plus, they can also be personalized. Pick options for the scrub color of the nurse image, hairstyle, degree, and graduation year, and the nurse's name. No one will ever be picking this mug up by mistake. 

5. Versatile Jackets

For complete warmth to and from work, a jacket equipped with a personal RN logo does the trick. Your loved one can also wear our lightweight jackets inside while working. 

They are as versatile as the nurse wearing them as they come in dozens of styles, colors, and materials. Choose from name brands such as North Face, Columbia, and Eddie Bauer to ensure they last throughout their nursing career. 

All of our jackets include secure zipper pockets and high-neck zippers to keep all their vital organs protected from the elements. 

6. Catch Phrase Sweatshirts

Gifts for a nurse graduate can also be casual. A sweatshirt allows nurses to go out on their day off but still be proud of their career choice. 

Choose from amusing and funny catchphrases to display on their sweatshirts like "nurse life" or add a personalized logo. They can wear their sweatshirts over their scrubs during their break or as a simple way to transition from work to home. 

Nurse sweatshirts come in various styles, from quarter zip-ups to crewnecks. This variety makes your gift special and unique as it complements their style.

7. Combo Packs

Don't forget a matching tote bag as an accessory to a sweater or jacket. We sell exclusive combo packs that allow for easy mixing and matching. 

Totes come with pocket sectionals to keep all of their daily necessities conveniently stored in one location. This is perfect for lunches, extra clothes, and gadgets to make gathering work items easy.

Nursing Graduation Gifts Make Gift Giving Easy

By picking nursing graduation gifts from our stock of personalized apparel and accessories you can show your loved one that you are proud of them. Plus, these gifts are appropriate for the occasion, making them relevant and practical. 

Be sure to check out the sales section for discounted nursing items.